Kirsten Bunch

Kirsten contacted us to help in doing a minor refresh of her Career Coaching website. We took her old website  (right side images) and transformed them into a new website (below images) that is cleaner, streamlined and intuitive. This will help her prospective clients identify quickly what she offers and hopefully generate more leads for Kirsten in the future.

Updates to Kirsten's website:

  • We brought in more imagery
  • We streamlined her website colours
  • We built a custom-made expandable text menu to show/hide important information without overloading site visitors
  • We took text from images and made it live on the site to improve SEO results
  • Created a hierarchy of text throughout the pages allowing the eye to focus on headings, copy, quotations and CTA buttons
  • We placed a CTA button in the heading menu with the aim of increasing leads


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