Kelly Bryden

Headshot photo of Kelly Bryden
creative director

Kelly is our design expert. As a Creative Director she helps brands stand out from competitors with eye-catching designs. You can find her designing experiences and event spaces, building and styling photo and video shoots for marketing content, and creating custom art installations.

Creating with the intention of evoking emotions in the audience. Bold colors, exciting patterns, and sparkles are her specialties. She has successfully worked with Converse, Honest Beauty, Rosé Mansion, Brit + Co, Yankee Candle, La Croix, The League, The Today Show, Good Morning America, JoAnn Fabrics, Talenti, Sorel, and many more.

When not working you can find me exploring new cities - either by camping in the woods or downtown searching for a hip hop dance class. I love the beach, Beyoncé and Bernese Mountain dogs.

Eoghan McNulty

Headshot photo of Eoghan McNulty
Computer Whiz

Eoghan is our tech guy. He has a background in computer science and investment management but really enjoys making great digital experiences.

He's spent hour after hour becoming a Webflow expert, mocking up websites, launching live websites, constantly watching tutorials on how to be better. Eoghan (pronounced 'Own') is devoted to building the best customer experiences for the web.When not obsessing over Webflow, you can find him travelling all over the world with Kelly, drinking possibly too much coffee, enjoying perfectly cooked eggs, and watching sport.

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